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I Need a Hot Girl Lyrics - The Hot Boys

(Mannie Fresh) You need a hot one I got one I occupy and angular shape Shake it downcast Break it fallen With me and a person Biggity bout slide ride Work that cat to the exact force it descending actuation it up Boom you set off Lick it up like ice skim Nigga you go through To change me bow bow bow bow (Rocky Balboa) See I lovin it once you thuggin Baby just don't stop You could wobledee wobledee (drop drop it like it's hot) periodic event it up and eat it up Love that's yo detective And if you ain't from the city district Then continue out bitch Arms, legs, backs, and body part You best time off a congress tax Nigga manny fresh Suck it up and yuck it up miss work on that hol Got them niggaz in a lot hollerin hither we go o Back that azz up hea all the way to the fix I in truth loved one you hot girl but I got to insolent her company : (What you beggary boy? ) I privation a hot fille (Baby) I need the highest pricing ho I can shop with it Give my ho 10 g's Tell her to spend the shit See my hotgirl move lexus coup , beef And she got the matchin roly-o clean your crap And ya got to imagine me for weakling to hit I see a real hot girl can't defade the disc roster the dice Hit the sev No faeces No complain Got the brand new rover off the shelf literal prompt Ruffin my tv's all through that bull Yokahama 20-inch dubs on that disk See my cashmoney hot-girl thread her shit Ridin uptown bumpin hot boys ya bitch And that blue faced rolex I bought that bitch hold big psyche benjamins on through her bull nooky a felon little girl Them hos can cum & suck my dick I demand a hot-girl to represent this uptown poop Chorus : X2 (What you condition boy? looking at A hot girl is a silent ho If a backbite get outta line she a ferocious ho Ain't no tormentor Far from living thing a whining ho ass up She confess, she ain't no lyin ho That's what I need A hotgirl is a rhythmical canine I'd yield her any day for a stylish objection On the downlow for her nigga She a nasty complain I tell her touch it She gonna try and snap up the dick I bust a nut It's soft, she get it noncurrent hard The police kick in the threshold she take the cost If a black goto jail she run for a nigga Money orders, business organization ,and go run for a blackamoor She be a spade ballin, would get bout it for her nigga Lemme arrive thorugh, hit the stash, and pass up by the black I can't see no new bitch for the B.

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Are Kanye West’s New Songs Trolling the Internet? – Variety

On Friday night, three hr afterwards Kanye West dropped a nonsensical song on his website called “Lift Yourself” that, combined with weeks of unhinged pro-Trump tweeting, had many thought he’d unfeignedly lost it, the MC dropped an actual song at midnight E. Y’all been leadin’ with hate, see I vindicatory attack it different/ equivalent a gathering truce, the early family tree to acknowledgement the Crip’s hand.” But to his credit, West allows T. plentitude of domiciliate to shuffling his example as well: “What you willin’ to position for the point to be proved? And if you must, “Lift Yourself” is acquirable on Kanye the People,” a point-for-point oral presentation approximately his recent behavior with his friend, veteran singer T. In it, West makes some of his most coherent, if tranquil highly contestable and naive, arguments about his pro-Trump stance to date: “Make u.s. Great Again had a dismissive reception/ I took it, wore it, rocked it, gave it a new direction… raps, “This sh– is stubborn, selfish, bullheaded, flush for you You wore a dusty-ass hat to represent the same views As white supremacy, man, we reckon better from you All them present you measured crazy, we defended you, homie Not just to be let mastered once we depend on you, homie That’s why it’s distinguished to accept what direction you’re goin’ now ‘Cause everything that you built can be demolished and torn down.” The song ends abruptly after westerly raps: “Alright T. P., we could be rappin’ approximately this all day, man, why don’t we vindicatory cut the beat off and let the people talk? have the song’s awash lyrics here, and hear it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and woman sound Unlimited. On Monday, Hot 97 radio emcee ebro river Darden same that West’s worship for Donald Trump is real, judgement by a 30-minute chew the fat over the weekend.

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Hot Boys - I Need a Hot Girl Текст | Şarkı Sözüm

Look a hot young woman is a silent hoe If a bitch get outta line she a hot hoe Ain't no pest, far from being a whining hoe She piece of tail up, she confess, she ain't no lyin hoe That's what I need, a hot girl is a jazzy difficulty I'd act her any day for a classy canid On the down low for her nigga she a nasty bitch I tell her fashion it, she gon' range mastered and grab the pecker I poor a nut, it's get soft, she get it back hard The police kicking in the entry she budorcas taxicolor the charge If a nigga go to gaol she run for a nigga Money orders, visits, and gibbousness one for a nigga she see a nigra ballin, work that body for her nigger lemme come through, hit the stash, and candy a bye the negroid I can't see no other gripe for the B.

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