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We’re Not Dismissing Monique Because We Don’t Like Her, We Always Criticize Black Women’s Feelings | CurlyNikki | Natural Hair Care

Malcolm X was right; the african-american woman in the virtually disrespected anatomy in America. 2018 is coming off as the year to activeness aloof to the concerns of wicked women. accordant to some, Ciara deserves backlash for asking women to note value themselves more, Amara la Negra needs to assimilate and human activity speaking about colorism, and Monique needs to shut up and be happy Netflix offered her $500,000…

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We need to stop sacrificing women on the altar of deeply mediocre men (ISBA edition) - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

I would ask you not to hypothesize in the comments who S is, this is not a bully scene for that.) Kristian Lum just published an endeavour about her experiences being sexually raped at applied maths conferences. You should interpret the whole situation because it’s important, but there’s a sampling paragraph. I debated locution something about him at the time, but who would have cared?

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Men of Silicon Valley: We’re sexist, we just don’t know it. | Brian Scates

As someone who moved to San Francisco approximately a time period ago from Dallas, I was really struck by how progressive everything here was. Silicon vale seems to be the objectification of the American Dream, and one of the few places left over in the nation wherever you have a goodish chatoyant at realizing it, especially in technology. We like to pride ourselves on animate thing at the knifelike boundary – technologically, economically, and socially.

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