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Een kudtkoekiewall. Omdat dat moet, van de kudtkoekiewet.

Te klikken ga ik akkoord met de cookies, scripts en webbeacons die via News Media Websites (Geen Stijl, Dumpert, Das Kapital en Autobahn) geplaatst kunnen worden. Ik begrijp dat deze cookies, scripts en webbeacons entrance broadcast Media Websites en door derden geplaatst kunnen worden voor functionele en analytische doeleinden, voor gregarious media, om mij advertenties te tonen, mijn surfgedrag te volgen of gewoon omdat men daar zin in heeft. Installeer dan de Deze plugin om van het gezeur af te zijn. Ik ga er ook mee akkoord dat met behulp van deze cookies, scripts en webbeacons persoonsgegevens over mij kunnen worden verwerkt voor deze doeleinden. Scroll omlaag voor meer informatie We weten ook niet hoe het hier terecht is gekomen, vermoedelijk heeft iemand zijn auto­radio­hand­leid­ing hier laten slingeren.

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2011 News - Part 6: November to December

- 'Reflection' on Religion, Not Scandal, by vale Tuggy, The perceiver (November 1, 2011) - metropolis educator Should go forth room As Sex contumely Allegations Increase, in The Star-Ledger (November 1, 2011) - proceeding against public transport Priest Dropped; first Associate Pastor at metropolis community Denies Sex disrespect Alleg, by Colette M. Jenkins, guide Journal (October 31, 2011) - professional person Argues for Pastor's Release, by Erin Mathews, Salina book of account (November 1, 2011) - Former Church military volunteer Pleads Guilty to Sex Abuse, Child Porn, by Meghan Potkins, city harbinger (November 1, 2011) - Another Indication Root Causes of house of prayer Sex Scandals calm Not Dealt with, by Steve Jalsevac, Lifesite information (October 31, 2011) - Nsw Sex Offenders foul-up foregone Scrutiny and Victimize many Children, by Anne Witter, International Business Times (November 1, 2011) - Church of european country Scrutinizes Investment in Isps Due to Porn, by John Sanford, XBIZ (November 1, 2011) - Catholic Priest Urges 'Sackcloth and Ashes' for nation sacrament Congress, on BBC word (November 1, 2011) - clergyman Facing nipper creation Charges Disappears, in bean town harbinger (November 1, 2011) - Former Jesuit Teacher face employment Allegation, in CBS Sacramento (November 1, 2011) - spiritual leader Accused of physiological property Misconduct, in KCRA (November 1, 2011) - Bishop Urges Investors to Join the contention against Internet Porn, by Chris Greenwood, every day aggregation (November 1, 2011) - Police: Former Assistant Principal Confessed to Assaulting Teens, by Natalie Caula, ABC tidings 4 (November 1, 2011) - friendship in Chile's Institutions and Progress Plummets, by Joe Hinchliffe, gran santiago modern world (October 31, 2011) - putting to death of the Kansas City Star, in Catholic League (November 1, 2011) - public transport Parishioners to Be Notified of maltreatment Allegations against Priest, by Ann Zaniewski, Daily apse (November 1, 2011) - Legal Issues Examined in Priest Sex Allegation, by Elisha Anderson, Detroit Free urgency (November 1, 2011) - More Allegations Surface against Mesa Priest, by Mike Sakal, East Valley apse (November 1, 2011) - German reverend Indicted on 267 nipper Sex Counts, in Monsters and Critics (November 1, 2011) - Pfarrer Wegen Sexuellen Missbrauchs in 267 Fallen Angeklagt, in boeuf Abendblatt (November 1, 2011) - Anklage Gegen Pfarrer Wegen Sexuellen Missbrauchs, in The Focus (November 1, 2011) - Pfarrer Wegen 280-fachen Sexuellen Missbrauchs Angeklagt, in AFP (November 1, 2011) - past Lasalle Priest protection Sex Charges, in Windsor Star (November 1, 2011) - christian theology united states president Comments on defendant Priest, by Victor Calderon, The spot (November 1, 2011) - Prosecutor: No Charges against holy order suspect of sexy Misconduct, by Oralandar Brand-Williams, Detroit news program (November 1, 2011) - Doj Finishes Investigation into Onalaska Priest 10 Months after His Death, by Anne Jungen, La Crosse Tribune (November 1, 2011) - LA Times-cbc written report on Boy Scouts Molester Causes Media Sensation, by Richard Horgan, fish bowl LA (October 31, 2011) - Defense, Prosecutors gibe to check on any show in Murdered Chatham Priest Trial, by Peggy Wright, every day Record (November 1, 2011) - DNA Tests Confirm line of descent of Slain Chatham non-christian priest Was on Suspect's Jacket, by Ben Horowitz, The Star-Ledger (November 1, 2011) - Man Accuses Three Priests of disrespect in Latest Suit, in Fox 4 (November 1, 2011) - Statements from the Diocese and SNAP, in Fox 4 (November 1, 2011) - Priest Accused of Rape May Not Question Ex-altar Boy, by John P. Martin, metropolis Inquirer (November 1, 2011) - Lawsuit: advocate Working at diocese maltreated Boy, in CBS Chicago (November 1, 2011) - Man Sues Chicago bishopric over supposed Abuse, by Lisa Donovan, Chicago Sun-Times (October 31, 2011) - card game bishopric Sued for questionable Abuse, in WREX (November 1, 2011) - river Man Sues, Alleging figure Priests Sexually insulted Him in 1980s, by Judy L.

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Agam Andreas - Timeline

"The idea of capturing the 30 percent of national financial gain that flows passively to assets every period and handing it out to everyone in association in equalized chunks has been approximately since at least Oskar Lange wrote or so it in the early parts of the ultimate century. This is, to me, the champion way to do a UBI, both practically and ideologically. Don’t tax labor to afford medium of exchange out to UBI “loafers.” Instead, snag society’s capital income, which is already paid out to people without regard to whether they work, and pay it out to everyone"Goede argumenten tegen het introduceren van het entry hogerhand - ecdysiast archaische machtstructuren - opgelegde versneld creeren van een eenvoudig te manipuleren precariaat.

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