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Anal Glands – Cleaning | Dog Care Basics

I’ve been grooming on my own for 4 years and toilet-trained under a groomer who never cleaned anal glands. I’ve been asked by customers if I would and I’ve always perennial what she told her customers, “That should only be cooked by a veterinarian.”I do expect that groomers (and unspecified owners) should know how to impart orifice glands. Whether or not you offer this employment should be your decision.

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Glandex® for Anal Glands in Dogs & Cats

Glandex® helps to reinforcement healthy anal gland function in pets and was created by veterinarians specifically for this problem. Glandex® proprietary convention is the only effect that targets all of the implicit causes of opening secreter problems. Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients including Pumpkin Seed, Probiotics, Omega buttery Acids, organic process Enzymes, & More!

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Dog Anal Glands: The DIY Solution To Stinky Problems

A very stinky problem with an easy and cost-effective solution. Sure, it’s not the all but pleasant subject, but it’s a really important portion of your dog’s health. If the anal glands aren’t functioning correctly, they can origin discomfort and even infection.

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