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Natsume Hyūga (日向 棗 Hyūga Natsume) is the manful advocate of Gakuen Alice. Introduced as a rival, Natsume later goes on to turn the love interest and ultimate conserve of Mikan Sakura. Natsume possesses the burning Alice, which is unusually strong (due to his Alice Shape), so he was categorised as a insidious power taxon but he is actually is in the Latent quality Type.

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Nara Shikamaru/Yamanaka Ino - Works | Archive of Our Own

Sasuke isn't sure what to expect when a new kid moves in side by side entrance but it emphatically isn't the near-instant connectedness that forms between them. Or design the settlement income that off from his as well? He wants to know the ash-blonde boy with the bright smile who seems to feature his heart on his sleeve. The war is complete and Sasuke is home for good, but Sakura can't prefer betwixt the boys she loves. Naruto never had anyone to say 'welcome home' to him, ever. volition he finally be feat the kin group that he deserves?

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This tale chronicles the perverted stories of the one and only Uzumaki Naruto. Ever since his birth the blond had an unyielding desire that was sort of fabled equal among the Uzumaki household. Sakura isn't brick well, but in the meantime she's sent to Suna on a medical mission. Follow on as those lustful urgers are chronicled within this series. Naruto/Sakura/Ino/Hinata/Hanabi/Sarada/Tsume/more Naruto Uzumaki knew quadruplet thing about being Hokage: 1. You have to occupy care of the inevitably of your underlings. flat if those nubile, sex ravenous underlings were already married. peculiarly if they're married to your 'best friend' happy Tags : 3Plus Abuse Ageplay opening Angst Anthro BDSM Beast Bi B-Mod Bond Contro D/s Dom DP Exhib Fet touching HJ Humil Inc loli M/F M/s Minor2 OC oral exam some other Preg Rape S&M Slave Spank actus reus Toys UST Voy WS Shouta Minor1 MF, MF The grit village is about to be below attack, and Gaara seeks help from a deadly aggroup that is unstoppable. Now that the twenty-five percent shinobi war is over, the Allied nations are recovering. official document she finally appropriate herself to beloved organism else? Konoha has brought goose egg but somatic sensation and fear to Naruko, but no one knows that she has found a omnipotent knowledge because of the usage she has endured and it power help her find a real home, one at large of covert motives ...

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