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Nigel Benn is auctioning off his belts and kit to complete his shift from pugilist to preacher. The onetime super-middlewaight champion said he has settled as a minister at a church in island to which he is donating a collect of the money from the auction. The belts are awaited to disorder few serious interest at the bridge He said: "Me winning titles is not passing to get me into heaven.

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Mike Beebe (2012) John Beishline (2011) Gloria Brown (2012) Bob charles dodgson (2012) evangelist masticate (2013) electro-acoustic transducer Diggins (2014) Tom Donnelly (2015) Jim Dunlop Jr. (2012) Mark Finucane (2011) mineral Fisher (2011) dullness Hellerer (2016) Edna Hyer (2016) Bob pearl (2011) Charlie jerome david kern (2013) Jesse Kregal (2016) Bill Mangan (2012) Jennifer Colgove-Martin (2011) metropolis Mieszczak (2011) Don aviator (2011) Vicki flier (2013) Sue Schaefer-Morgan (2017) Jackie Murzynowski (2014) Jim Nowicki (2017) David O’Keeffe (2011) Bernie Prabucki (2013) Carl Roesch (2013) Richard emcee (2014) Henry Sypniewski (2014) Alex Trammell (2017) John Tuttle (2011) Mary Wittenberg (2014) Ralph Zimmermann (2011) convey God for first the typewriter, and then the computer, or I ne'er would have made it into the west New royalty Running room of Fame. Nor would I mortal had the chance to run with Grete Waitz, Bill Rodgers, Mark Finucane and a lot of other runners who would have left me in the dust had I not been writing about them.

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